Fresh Banana Leaves

Fresh Banana Leaves

banana leaf
Banana leaves are leaves produced by banana plants. Banana leaves in Nusantara culinary have a major role as supporting decoration, complementary and packaging of food ingredients; besides that it is also used in various religious activities. Traditions like this are also known in many parts of South and Southeast Asia.

Banana leaves contain the same large amounts of polyphenols as tea leaves, in the form of EGCG, so that they produce a distinctive aroma when they are a food supplement.

Banana leaves used for packaging are usually banana leaves that have developed perfectly (Javanese: ujungan). In some snacks, banana leaves are also used which are young and soft (vanished). When beauty is not concerned, yellowed banana leaves are also used, but not yet dried. For use, it is usually soaked in water to make it flexible.

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